Mustad Aberdeen Hook Ringed-Bronze 10 Ct Sz

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The Mustad Aberdeen Ringed Hook has been an all time favorite with salt and freshwater anglers. This long shanked hook is perfect when using long natural baits, such rag or sand worms or as live bait hook. It is a true all-round hook, which can be used to present any bait for species ranging from small Whiting and Sea Robins to Sea Bass and Cod. The MTL-V1 point combines a more efficient point design with a new sharpening process to enhance the quality. The result is a sharper, sleek new point shape with penetration resistance 50 percent lower than standard Classic Hook points! Mustad's Wire Technology and Nor-Tempering Process means that hooks are lighter and up to 30 percent stronger.
  • MLV-V1 Point Technology
  • Special Nor-Tempering 30 percent stronger
  • Long Shank design
  • Closed Ringed Eye
  • Top ten sellers

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