Mustad Double Wide Gap Bait Drop Shot Hook-Red.

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Fishing the Mustad Double Wide Gap Bait Drop Shot Hook is an effective way to present your soft plastic lure close to the bottom, without snagging. The fine wire hook offers a delicate presentation of your lure. Fish it with a suspended presentation with a steady motion, or let it bounce off the bottom, leaving as many spin stops as you like. Your soft plastic lure will be right in the striking zone. The best knot for tying the hook to the line is the Palomar knot, which will place it at a 90-degree angle from the line. Use it to target Bass, Perch or Trout in rivers, lakes or canals. It features a red and blonde red finish for added attraction to bait. These hooks are chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered high carbon steel.
  • Double wide gap design
  • Works for live bait as well as drop shot
  • Forged short shank with up eye
  • Ultra Point technology
  • Needle Point Quick Set

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