Minn Kota Precision Digital Chrgr MK 220 PC 2 bank x 10 amps

Quantity: 110 PC 1 bank x 10 amps
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Our Precision Chargers charge your batteries faster than any other. Plus, they are optimized to deliver the exact charge you need, creating longer run times and extending the overall life of your battery.GET BACK OUT THERE QUICKER. STAY OUT THERE LONGER.
  • True-Rated Output delivers a more consistent 15-amp output the fastest charge
  • Digitally-controlled microprocessor design enables charger to continually monitor the temperature and state of charge to provide a faster, more regulated, precise charge for your battery and a longer day of worry-free fishing
  • Battery Equalization automatically cleans and conditions your lead-acid battery during each charge to extend run time and battery life. You can also activate a full, thorough equalization at the push of a button
  • Low-Line Voltage Compensationoutlets are supposed to put out 120 volts but overloading outlets or using long extension cords can lower that output causing the charge time to increase. Our Precision Chargers compensate for low voltage to deliver a fast, consistent charge to your battery
  • 3 Year Warranty

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