Seaview Ltb90 Quick Fold Over Kit For Ltb-r, Ltb-s, Ltb-s24 And Ltb-13

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Seaview LTB-90 Quick Fold Over Kit for LTB-R, LTB-S, LTB-S24 and LTB-13

Model: LTB-90

The LTB90 from Seaview is an add-on component that aids in a quick, tool-free fold over for a Seaview light bar. Great for trailering, dry-stack storage, and winter wrapping your vessel.

The LTB90 is compatible with the following light bars: LTBR, LTBS, LTBS24, LTB13, & LTBRSS. This kit will only work with Seaview top plates ADAR1, ADAS1 & ADAS2 when spreaders are NOT used. Contact Seaview if this is needed for another application.

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